Ilmi Science and Technology Museum

Location: Riyadh


Vivid was commissioned to conduct a research program to support the feasibility study for Ilmi, a new science themed family destination in Riyadh.

The key focus of the research was to explore cultural and socio-demographic influences on likelihood of visiting, the development of experiences and pricing scope, price elasticity and pricing models.
With a target audience of 6-19 year olds, the museum’s aim was to create a destination which was to become part of the fabric of family life in Riyadh.

Study focus

The study focused on Saudi nationals and Asian and European ex-pats to develop a deeper understanding of who potential audiences are and their current leisure habits.

Cultural boundaries for engagement with a range of experiences and learning and also how far we can push entertainment experiences within a space primarily also developed an understanding of the resonance of global and national IT and retail brands and their relevance to the potential audiences and the museum project.

For project feasibility the survey explored pricing scope and price elasticity for the key potential audience sectors