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Clinton Foundation

Qualitative and quantitative, attitudinal surveys

Ideal Home Show China

  • Lifestyles
  • Shopping habits
  • Cultural mores
  • Offline to Online
  • Celebrities
  • Brand development
  • Timing, location and pricing

Royal Armouries

Summative evaluations

  • Adults and children
  • Understanding motivations
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Perceptions and saliences
  • Audience segmentation

Formative evaluations

  • New content analysis

Non-visitor awareness and perceptions


Working with exhibitors and veterinary professionals to understand changing market dynamics and how these can best be met by conference and show floor content and structure.


  • Visitor loyalty modelling
  • Develop understanding of core audience’s influence and buying chains
  • Relationships and crossover between the core exhibitor sectors

The Big 5

  • Development of international marketing strategies
  • Understanding buyer and vendor relationships
  • Evaluating digital development strategies


  • Developing future content and structure
  • Exploration into industry trends and future changes
  • Assessment of needs for the gaming community
  • Evaluating digital development strategies

Grand Designs Live

  • Strategic development
  • Experience development
  • Audience engagement and satisfaction

Lexis Nexis

  • Due diligence for acquisition
  • Use and application of current products
  • Exploration into industry trends and future changes
  • Exploring opportunities for product development

The London Book Fair

Industry consultation with publishers, associations, representative bodies  and event visitors to understand more about how the needs of the developing publishing industry can best be met by the fair.

CPhI Worldwide

  • Developing digital to live event strategies
  • Informing organic growth through brand extensions
  • Evaluating new geo-cloning opportunitiests
  • DITLOC analysis
  • Relevance to exhibitors

Google Weblab

Summative evaluation of brand experiences and understanding of core delivery and values.

SPE Offshore Europe

To examine how the down turn in energy prices is affecting the industry supply chain and translate this into conference and event content requirements. Interviews with C-Level and senior managers in super majors, IOCs, oil field service contractors, EPCs, contractors and manufacturers.


  • Improvements to networking capabilities
  • Exploring interest in conference programme
  • Harnessing interest in new content and topics
  • Identifying core sector propositions
  • Evaluating digital development strategies

eCommerce Expo

Where different types of company were in the development of their e-commerce processes and services

Relate this to their needs for learning, finding innovation and networking with potential new trading partners, suppliers and industry peers.


Working with Reed and Masdar to understand renewables eco-systems and how this relates to exhibitor and visitor aspirations in the UAE and the region as a whole.