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The Economic Impact of Exhibitions

Exhibitions make a significant contribution to many business sectors around the world. The more global a business sector the more important the role of trade shows in introducing vendors to buyers and ensuring that industry players maintain contact with industry developments. Trade shows tend to be a celebration of success with successful companies exhibiting and… Read More »

The value of intervention

Every trade show delivers something different to its markets. For some the balance of delivery is about knowledge transfer and for others it is about the meetings that take place on exhibitor’s stands, elsewhere at the venue and in the evenings in hotels, restaurants and bars. Experience has shown me that on balance, the more that… Read More »

How likely are you to recommend Net Promoter Scores?

Net Promoter Scores are used by most events organisers who conduct visitor and exhibitor satisfaction research and we now tend to automatically include them in a survey. Net Promoter ratings measure customer loyalty and is generally known as NPS. NPS is a registered trademark and was developed by Fred Reichfield. The concept is that an event brand should seek to have more promoters than detractors and the… Read More »