Ideal Home Show China

Location: Shanghai


Vivid was commissioned to investigate the feasibility of an Ideal Home Show in Shanghai and to develop the event branding.

Study focus

The research program was in three key parts:

Part one- About Chinese living
To provide an understanding about how middle class Chinese live, the types and styles of homewares they buy, where they buy and when they buy and the key influences on purchasing.

Part two – About the event
Here we explored the content and experiences concepts for a lifestyles and homewares show in Shanghai including product and entertainment mix and where in Shanghai was perceived as the appropriate venue. The survey also explored pricing scope and price elasticity.

Part three – The brand
Here we explored the event brand and what the event brand would need to be attract a Chinese audience and the value hierarchies of celebrity and supplier brand endorsement.
The branding research was able to identify that translated ‘Ideal Home’ had no meaning to Chinese audiences and transliteration did not work. The research program explored the ‘ideal’ brand and in China the brand is ‘Dream Home and Lifestyle Show” “ 梦想家园与生活方式秀”. The Ideal Home Show is shown as part of the China logotype for international brands.