Bluewater Lifestyle and Shopping

Location: Kent, UK


Bluewater was considering the addition of new events, attractions and activities to the core shopping experiences. The research program was to provide insights to inform developments and strategic direction.

Research focus

The research program was to first of all conduct a detailed analysis of the population in the current catchment examining socio demographic structures and penetrations. In this way we were able to define the scale of opportunity for Bluewater developments within the catchment.
Primary research conducted on-site at Bluewater examined motivations for visiting and gained performance ratings for activities, what red new development opportunities would increase visiting.

Quantitative surveys in drive times zones presented the Bluewater experience to non-visitors to establish what experiences motivated likely attendance and what potential new development would increase the likelihood of visiting.

Survey results

The surveys were able to identify key attractions influences to motivate initial visiting to Bluewater and to increase visitation with current visitors