Pricing and demand for online events

Online performance are likely to be here to stay. In some cases instead of live events and in others to support live events restricted in capacity by COVID-19; simulcasting of live events can can be a route to a rapid revenue recovery.

Understanding markets and the pricing to demand relationship is key in optimizing revenue and audiences.Vivid Interface, experts in pricing research across event, visitor attraction, arts culture and heritage sectors and media interviewed 1019 active people and has produced a report on the price to demand relationship, that is a must read for marketing and senior management teams.
The pricing report is the third in a the Vivid Interface COVID-19 report series and can be viewed here.

Geoff Dixon, MD of Vivid said, “nothing beats the live events arena, its where we work and my social life, but organisers have to at least explore the possibility of online augmentation of their offer in pandemic times. I believe that the right online offer can provide a rapid revenue recovery without harming the long-term viability of  ‘Live’. In fact an online presence can reach new geographies and new customers to a brand; also people who may in time walk through a physical door rather than a paywall.
Research will help to set out a plan and an understanding of the price to demand relationships that are key to successful brand building”.